Support groups can offer vital emotional support, valuable advice about community-based resources as well as guidance from other group members about many of HD’s most challenging situations. HDSG is can be established for everyone in the HD community —caregivers, those living with HD, those living at risk, youth at risk, etc.
Roles & Boundaries of HDSG:
• To provide a space to share each other’s dilemmas, struggles, anxieties as a patient or caregiver.
• To discover alternative ways of dealing with the patient.
• There will not be individual counselling but a space for the group to connect with each other.
• To discover that ‘I am not alone in this journey’.
• Online meeting
• Guest session by a doctor/experts.
• Group sharing

Day: Last Friday of every month
Time: 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Mode of meeting: Zoom meeting online. Meeting ID and Password will be given once form is filled.

*Registration formalities: Please fill the google form by pressing ctrl and clicking on the link below: