Web Resources

Web Resources

There are a lot of resources available on the internet today to gain information about HD. But there is no way to filter the authentic ones in the whole lot. Here we tried to filter some of the online resources that could be useful to HD families.

Web links

Following are the links of established HD associations across the globe. There is a lot of scientific and other information that could be useful for lay people and also HD society members/volunteers to organize better and work towards the goals of HDSi. Some of these associations are purely patient driven and some other are collaborative projects involving patients, health care professionals, researchers and all other stake holders in the HD field.

To read authentic scientific information on HD in a very simple and lucid language https://hdbuzz.net (it is available in multiple languages and they are looking for translators, till now there is only Indian Language-Telugu on HDbuzz). It is maintained by reputed doctor Ed Wild and reputed researcher Jeff Caroll.
Following websites provide useful information to manage HD

Related Articles

In this section we provide links to authentic peer reviewed research articles that could be useful to primarily HD families but also doctors.