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Welcome to of India
Huntington Disease Society Of India (HDSI) is a Non-Profit Organization Working Towards Welfare of Huntington Disease Affected Families & Bringing Awareness about HD in Society

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a progressive, neuropsychiatric genetic disorder that causes the malfunction or death of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. As a result, a gradual decline in the physical and mental abilities over time occurs generally during their middle age years (though the age at onset is variable).. Every child of a parent with HD has a 50% chance of carrying the faulty gene usually. The math may not work strictly but it is on an average estimation. It is same like the chance of getting a head or a tail when you flip a coin. It is not dependent on the gender of the person. In India the awareness is less and treatment options are largely inaccessible. To cater to it we have envisioned HDSI.

What is Huntington Disease?
Huntington’s disease (HD) is a progressive,
genetic neuropsychiatric disorder that causes the
dysfunctioning and/or death of neurons  …
Coping with Huntington Disease
HD impacts entire family members one way
or the other. Whether it is a person who has inherited
the faulty gene that causes Huntington’s disease…
Huntington Disease in India
We have no formal estimates of the number of
people affected by HD in India due to lack of population
level studies. Besides the number of people..
You have a number of reasons to join us!
We are committed improve access to health care for all HD patients in India!
Our mission is to address multiple concerns of the HD patients and families with several initiatives all culminating into a better quality of life for the patients with the existing therapies, guide and help the people at risk for HD and promoting research to find new solutions to HD
Help us ! Donate for HD Welfare & Cause !!
Your small donation can change HD affected under privileged  families in big way.
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Support groups can offer vital emotional support, valuable advice about community-based resources as well as guidance from other group members about m
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December 25th, 2020
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