Get Involved

The journey of HDSI has just begun with a lot of hope for the future. Any successful endeavour is possible only by team work of like-minded people. Though it is initiated by few people, the responsibility to take it forward lies on all of us who are committed to the cause of HD.

Many of you might want to do it but are not sure of how to do it with your own busy schedules etc. There is always a way if there is a will. As we expand our teams, we can find a place for many people who are skilled in any of the following and probably unskilled can be trained suitably as we evolve.
1. Medical professionals: Doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, speech/swallow therapists, genetic counsellors, diagnosticians, clinical researchers etc
2. Mult-Media specialists to create content and platforms for the spread of awareness on HD
3. Journalists can cover the work of HDSI and publish articles useful to HD community
4. Artists, musicians (for fund raising activities and spreading awareness)
5. Software developers especially web developers to manage the ongoing needs of website/apps
6. NGO specialists/administrators to give valuable inputs in running of HDSI
7. Chartered accountants for advising on handling finances
8. Lawyers for legal advice
9. People from rare disease advocacy groups to work hand in hand for the betterment of people suffering from rare diseases including HD